April 12, 2011

Tickle Me ELMO Birthday Party

My next all time favorite birthday party is an Elmo Birthday Party all the way down in Brazil! Mog & Mug posted this lovely party she threw for her son, and though it was written in Spanish, it was not hard to tell how much thought was put into this amazing party. She stuck to a theme with the colors of red and all things Elmo being employed throughout the decorations from the food to her high and low focal points

She activated many of the senses I continue to talk about. Check it out!

The dessert table had beautiful tablecloth patterns. Just because her main theme color was red, she manipulated it with polka dots, a damask cloth, and the white and yellow color to contrast it. I love it!

Focusing on the desserts, she dressed them up perfectly! One of my favorite places to shop when looking for things to dress up my food is ETSY.

Remember in one of my Cake of the Day entries I discussed fondant icing? It really can make your desserts stand out. Below, Mog & Mug baked what looked like scrumptious Elmo cupcakes and cookie "lollipops". To find out how to make fondant for your next treat click here!

Now that I am a little nostalgic on my Sesame Street days I am going to grab a bowl of cereal and sit in front of the TV in my PJs like the old days! I hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing birthday party and come back to view the rest of my favorite birthday parties in preparation for my big birthday bash at the end of the week!

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  1. this is too cute!!! the little boy i nanny for would love this haha :)


  2. Do you have the contact info for the person that hosted this party? I am using some of the ideas and wanted to know where she purchased a few of the items. Thanks!

  3. Where can i find those little boxes for the deserts?