November 23, 2011

How to Make a Dessert Table Backdrop

As I continue to learn how to create great parties, one of the skills I would like to hone is really dressing up every aspect of my party. An area of your party that definitely deserves the right amount of attention is the dessert table. I struggle to create the perfect backdrop that invites my guests to check out the dessert table so below are a few materials you can use to make your own marvelous dessert table backdrop!

To make a backdrop you can use any of the following materials:

~Foam-core boards
~Picture Frames

The great thing about most of these items is that they can be reused and you can find them at your basic craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

Foam-core boards

When using foam-core boards it is best to buy two and tape them together for a more dimensional look against the wall. This size should also be fairly large to give a more detailed look to the table. With the foam-core board, wrap it in any fabric or wrapping paper that matches the color scheme/theme of the party.I read from Frog Prince Paperie, that the trick to keeping the edges of the fabric on the board stiff, tight, and crisp is to use starch when ironing the fabric. To keep the wrapping paper tight around the foam-core board simply pull tight when wrapping the paper around the foam-core board!

Picture taken from: Frog Prince Paperie


There are two sides to a beadboard: One side is smooth, the other has the bead board grooves. This makes it a reusable item because there is more than one option for use according to Frog Prince Paperie. Paint the beadboard whatever color that matches the color scheme/theme of your party. To apply, merely tack it to a wall with finishing nails!

Picture taken from: Frog Prince Paperie


Another easy material to use is a canvas-preferably an extra large one to add a bigger visual. It's quick, easy, and reusable because all you do is paint it and voila! TIP: To make a really unique canvas, choose a design and upload it onto a canvas at Uprinting or Easy Canvas Prints!

Picture taken from: Frog Prince Paperie


Picture Frames


Measure out the wall space that will be against the dessert table. Determine the dimensions you would like to use to hang curtains as a backdrop for the table. Then, locate your local fabric store (for me it's Joann's Fabric) and cut out the perfect fabric to match the dessert table. Use a rod, nails, or tacks to hang up the fabric.

I hope these suggestions helped! Now, go out there and create the perfect dessert table backdrop!

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  1. Hello! Thanks for bringing that to my attention as sometimes I do get lazy and rely on people clicking the image to obtain where it came from. I usually provide in my labels the sources with which I find my material so whenever those key words are plugged in it ties to those labels-I guess that alone is not good enough. At any rate, I have provided the proper citation-thanks and Happy 2012!

    Party with a K

  2. My question is , after creating a backdrop, how do you affix to a wall that is another persons home?? I certainly couldn't pound nails in their wall? What about buntings? How do I put those up? With tape on the walls? I also see decorations hanging from the ceilings too, how are those applied? Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Hi Cake Maker! Sorry for the delayed page was under construction. At any rate, if affixing a backdrop to someone's wall is not realistic, I would recommend getting an easel and laying the backdrop onto it. That way it is sturdy, yet can still be behind the scenes.

    There are a couple of ways to put buntings up. I would try drawing pins.

    Suction cups with hooks is an awesome way to hang things from the ceiling...that's certainly how I do it! I simply buy fish line, tie it through the object I'm trying to hang and WALLA!

    I hope this helps!

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions...your answers have been helpful :o)