March 25, 2011

Dress Up Time!

As we start to wrap up this week's lesson on activating taste, I hope you are beginning to grasp how pertinent good food and beverages can enhance your guests' experience. So far we have learned that you can activate taste simply by the quality of food and drinks provided, and you can activate taste by spelling it out to your guest (ie: labels on the food/drinks). But did you know you can activate taste by merely DRESSING UP YOUR FOOD?

Adornments/decorations on and around your food is one of the best ways to directly activate taste without even putting a morsel of food/drinks in the guests' mouth! Let's see some examples in which dressing up food/drinks was done!

Abby from, Style Me Pretty, does a great job of dressing up her pink drinks at her daughter's birthday party by matching the pink drinks with “YUM!” drink stirrers and pretty pink straws!

Another great way to DRESS UP your food is with toppers! My favorite cupcake toppers come from The TomKat Studio where they make and feature great cupcake toppers. Check them out and consider using them for your next party!


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