March 31, 2011

Vintage Toy Party

Activating sight is as simple as choosing a theme. Choose a theme that can engage your guests and can be conveyed throughout the entire party. With your theme you should choose three main colors like how I discussed in my HELLO KITTY Baby Shower post, that you can stick to in order to keep the theme consistent. When you choose three colors it is easier to find matching decorations as opposed to grabbing any old thing in the party stores. When you try to work in several colors that do not go with your theme, it creates chaos and is a distraction to your guests' eyes.

Amy Atlas does a great job of choosing three colors with the Vintage Toy Party she was asked to be apart of. Her dessert table successfully displays the three main colors: red, blue, and yellow.

Let's check it out!

See how easy it is to stick to a theme when you choose main colors? Above you see cute props Amy Atlas was able to incorporate on the dessert table with blue cupcake toppers, and red,yellow, and blue abc blocks to name a few.

My absolute favorite color coordination was through the harlequin pattern used throughout the party.

Just like in my post that discusses dressing up your food, Amy Atlas uses her main colors to dress up her food!

When you're deciding on theme colors think 1, 2, 3....3 colors and you will be safe! If you would like to read more about how Amy Atlas put together this amazing dessert table, check it out at Amy Atlas blog.

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