March 24, 2011

Cake of the Day!

Today's Cake of the Day is rather, well uhh...unique. Unique in the sense that IT'S NOT REAL! How you might ask could anyone get away with having this beautiful cake at their wedding? Through Cakes Confidential they create these gorgeous masterpieces for people who want a memorable cake, but have a less than gorgeous budget. The top half of the cake pictured is Styrofoam while the bottom tier has a section for a large slice of real cake so you can enjoy performing the cake cutting ceremony and having all those fabulous photo opportunities. To find out more, visit Cakes Confidential.

This one really takes the cake....literally ;-)


  1. WOW this cake is beautiful, my exact colors too! I wish i could do this for my mexico wedding its a FAB idea ♥

  2. Isn't it so classy?! It is a really good idea to have such a cake if you want to have multiple cakes to sort of add to the decoration of the wedding. Something to consider :-)

  3. wow. it's really a good contribution to us guys not good at cakes, you know i did some cakes before but the taste it's not good, then i quit, so if you have interesting, you can load to popular christmas gifts

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