March 29, 2011

LESSON #1- PART 2: Activating SIGHT

The sense of sight is considered one of the most complex of the five senses. If sight is one of the most complex and important senses, why not make your parties worth seeing?

Sight is the physical sense by which light stimuli received by the eye are interpreted by the brain and constructed into a representation of the position, shape, brightness, and usually color of objects in space according to Webster's dictionary.

With this definition in mind, think about how you can play with it to stimulate your guests' sense of sight at your events. What colors, patterns, or light fixtures can you have at your party to activate sense of sight?

This week we will take a thorough look into how you can activate sight. I will feature parties that do an excellent job at it to give you some ideas on how to make your party better than the next.

I hope you can't wait to see! ;-)

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