October 30, 2012

Party of the Month: Party with a K's Halloween Decor Debut @ Amber Restaurant & Lounge!

Party Design by: Party with a K

October 29, 2012

Party of the Week: Alexis' Bridal Shower

This past weekend has been so much fun and it was largely due to a bridal shower I helped put on for one of my friends here in Seattle. I was in charge of designing the decor for the party and had a blast putting that together with the other host. As you know from one of my previous blogs, I am really big on choosing at least 3 colors for the theme of any event. The other host and I decided to have the colors be teal, yellow gold, and white with damask patterns incorporated for that elegant appeal -such a cute combination! And of course, as the designing took place I just had to include a candy buffet created by yours truly!

Perhaps my greatest discovery during the decor designing process was how much I can do with spray paint! I ran to Michaels before the party and picked up teal, yellow gold, and white spray paint. The goal was to take white paper lanterns I had bought and spray paint them the exact colors of the party.

It was a success!

Not only did I spray paint the paper lanterns, but I also spray painted empty glass bottles that I had been collecting as well as open, wooden picture frames. Fun fact: the empty glass bottles were bottles of my favorite salad dressing and dip!

If there is anything that I have learned in my experience of decorating for parties is that there are so many things you can use around the house to make your parties stand out. One thing I found in my home that I decided to incorporate in the decor was food dye. Food dye is awesome because if you simply fill a jar or vase with water and spoon in some dye, you've just added a little color to your party. Throw on a bouquet of flowers (real or fake!) and you've just created a fabulous centerpiece.

Another cool thing found around the house that served as a great filler was rice! We used rice in the candle holders to help hold up the chalkboard food signs. 

I know you have heard me talk about Gartner Studios before after I had discovered their awesome bottle labels that I used for my friend Angel's Bachelorette Party. Well, I couldn't help but use them again, this time for some wine bottles to add some personalization. I just love Gartner Studios! They create the design, you just add in your own words and press print!

No party is complete without a touch of my candy buffets!

At the beginning of the party each guest was asked to write the bride and groom a nice note filled with either advice or well-wishes. I brought in a tree branch that I had previously spray painted white and made pre-made note cards glued to ribbon to be hung on a tree branch. The whole thing turned out to be such a sentimental activity!


All in all, this was one of the best parties I have helped put on and I am so happy with the turnout. The future bride and groom had a blast and that is all that matters in the end!

Party decoration design: Party with a K
Candy Buffet: Party with a K

October 26, 2012

Cake of the Day: Wicked!

I have not been to a play in years, and today I get to see the play "Wicked" for the first time hence today's Cake of the Day by Debbie Does Cakes. I am beyond excited and am even thinking of dressing up in a Wicked Witch Costume (Google Affiliate Ad) for the show. I'm thinking green paint and a witch hat!

October 23, 2012

Cake of the Day: Muppets Cupcakes

Can you tell me how to get these cupcakes? Today's Cake of the Day comes from a cupcake bakery in southern California. I just love all the unique ways the baker created cupcake toppers using fondant icing. Fondant icing can be so much fun to use when translating it into a character like the muppets. The cupcakes are so cute that I don't know how you could eat them? Who are we kidding, I would eat the whole box ;-)

October 22, 2012

Party Tip of the Day: RSVP Etiquette & Following the Invitation

As a party planner there is nothing more irritating than having your guests with which you've invited to your event not properly provide an RSVP. So what does "R.S.V.P." stand for anyways you might ask? R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply." 

The person sending the invitation wo­uld like you to tell them whether or not you accept or decline the invitation. In other words, will you be coming to the event or not? It is proper etiquette to respond promptly after receiving a formal invitation, especially if written and sent by mail. No matter what, it is common courtesy to give your response and in the proper way asked (ie: via a given phone number, mailing back the card with a written response, etc.)

What does the person hosting the party/event use the RSVP for?  

Party hosts use your RSVP to determine an accurate estimate of how many people to count on when it comes to food and drinks. Not only that, but if there is a specific set-up that needs to be arranged with tables, chairs, cloth, and cutlery, an RSVP helps to determine just how much of these things will be needed during the event. 

Tip to party hosts waiting on RSVPs

I used to think "I sent the invitation, if I do not hear back from them I will consider it a 'no' RSVP". After a few instances though, I have learned that it is always better to follow-up with the stragglers. Perfect example, I had my Kare Bear's 24th Birthday Slumber Party this past year and mailed out invitations to all of my friends. Weeks had gone by and I had heard from several but there were still a couple left who had not said yay or nay. Finally, one day I was speaking to one of my friends on the phone and had politely asked her why she had not responded to the invitation I had sent her. She stated she never received it. Come to find out, she either accidentally tossed it with junk mail by mistake, or it got lost in the mail. Either way, rather than assuming she just wasn't coming I learned from that instance to never completely trust that the invitation got to the right person. Simply put: Follow the Invitation-until you have heard from that guest, do not automatically think the worst (that they're not coming).

Will you RSVP correctly now? Check YES or NO below ;-)


October 20, 2012

Kare Bear's 24th Birthday Slumber Party: Balloon Arch

As inspiration from my blog entry, Props till you Drop, I really wanted to activate sight for my guests attending my birthday slumber party. I knew the entrance of my party would be the high focal point, so I solicited Nohelly Mendoza of Partyland Special Events in Chandler, AZ to help me make a picture perfect balloon arch for my Kare Bear (Care Bear themed) 24th Birthday Slumber Party.

What do you think? I think it looked just like the cloud entrance at the beginning of the show! Love it!

"Do the Care Bear Count down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

Wig 'N Out Costume Party

After searching high and low (not really, I went to one place..haha) I finally found the perfect wig to wear to my Wig'N Out Costume Party and it didn't end up being any of the wigs I blogged about earlier this week in my Wig'N Out Party: Wigs entry. I chose to get Nicki Minaj on 'em with a super hot pink wig from Party at Display & Costume.
The venue I chose to host the party at was Amber Restaurant & Lounge. They have an awesome upstairs mezzanine area perfect for private parties. I hosted my Halloween Party last year there too! I wanted to make decorations simple by filling the room with mannequins! In my blog entry, Props till you Drop, I talk about how incorporating props in your decor can really enhance the room and activate sight. Champions Party Supply was nice enough to let me rent some mannequins, and believe me when I say, they were a HIT!

Another decorative element that I added to the party was inspired by a little window shopping I did back when I was visiting California earlier this month. A clothing store had hung some merchandise from the ceiling and I thought it was so artistic. Keeping that same concept, I ran to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought anything you could think of related to hair: curlers, combs, hair bands, hairspray, etc. Then, with fishing line I tied the objects to it and then tied the other end of the fishing line to the hooks of a suction cup (item you use to hang banners). The camera does not due the image below justice, but overall, the project turned out super cute!

All in all, my first Wig'N Out Costume Party was a success and I cannot wait to plan another costume party all in the name of Halloween!


October 19, 2012

Favorite Find: Most Creative Halloween Costumes

Last year, experts estimated that consumers would spend about $6 billion on Halloween-related purchases. Of that $6 billion, $2.11 billion would be spent on Halloween costumes alone!! Unlike other years, I am really struggling as to what to wear for Halloween! It's funny, as you get older, you're less worried about looking sexy for Halloween and more interested in looking totally nuts on this freaky day. Speaking of totally nuts, check out these super creative costumes I've come across!





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