October 20, 2012

Wig 'N Out Costume Party

After searching high and low (not really, I went to one place..haha) I finally found the perfect wig to wear to my Wig'N Out Costume Party and it didn't end up being any of the wigs I blogged about earlier this week in my Wig'N Out Party: Wigs entry. I chose to get Nicki Minaj on 'em with a super hot pink wig from Party at Display & Costume.
The venue I chose to host the party at was Amber Restaurant & Lounge. They have an awesome upstairs mezzanine area perfect for private parties. I hosted my Halloween Party last year there too! I wanted to make decorations simple by filling the room with mannequins! In my blog entry, Props till you Drop, I talk about how incorporating props in your decor can really enhance the room and activate sight. Champions Party Supply was nice enough to let me rent some mannequins, and believe me when I say, they were a HIT!

Another decorative element that I added to the party was inspired by a little window shopping I did back when I was visiting California earlier this month. A clothing store had hung some merchandise from the ceiling and I thought it was so artistic. Keeping that same concept, I ran to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought anything you could think of related to hair: curlers, combs, hair bands, hairspray, etc. Then, with fishing line I tied the objects to it and then tied the other end of the fishing line to the hooks of a suction cup (item you use to hang banners). The camera does not due the image below justice, but overall, the project turned out super cute!

All in all, my first Wig'N Out Costume Party was a success and I cannot wait to plan another costume party all in the name of Halloween!


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