May 9, 2011

Creating a Custom Graduation Cap

With about 1,000+ college grads sitting in one room, it is next to impossible for your loved ones to find you during your graduation ceremony. Why not standout, while making a statement on your graduation day?! Custom graduation caps are the way to go.

You will need the following to make the above graduation cap:

(1) Graduation cap
(2) Fabric glue (Michaels or JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store)
(3) 1 pound bag of The Big One rhinestones (Michaels )
(4) Pencil
(5) Permanent marker
(6) Glitter
(7) Stencils (optional)
(8) Acrylic paint

To make:

1st: Take your stencil (or by free hand) write out whatever word you would like to appear on the top of your graduation cap. Be sure to use the pencil to lightly write the word. *Note, make sure that you figure out the front of the graduation cap and position your choice of a word so that it is readable for anyone who will be viewing it from above.

2nd: Take your permanent marker and trace around the OUTSIDE edges of the word if it is in cursive, outside and in between if it is regular alpha writing.

3rd: Take your acrylic paint and proceed to paint inside the word-allow to dry.

4th: Take your fabric glue and trace it along the permanent marker marks.

5th: Sprinkle glitter onto the glue you just traced along the permanent marker marks-allow to dry and then remove excess glitter.

6th: Spread fabric glue along a section of the grad cap.

7th: Place rhinestones one by one onto the section of the grad cap with fabric glue. Continue this process until the entire cap is filled with rhinestones. *Note: for corners where the rhinestones may not fit, use smaller rhinestones to fill in the space.


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