May 6, 2011

How to make a Candy Jar!

Whether it's the end of the school year and you want to say thank you to that one Teacher's Aid who really helped you out, or you're getting ready to transfer at work and you want to give something to let your colleague know you appreciate them, a small little gift can go a long way; a personalized candy jar!

You will need the following items in order to create this candy jar:

-Cracker jar from Target
-Alpha letter adornments from Target or any craft store like Michaels
-3 bags of candy; (pictured: 1 bag of chocolate M&Ms, 1 bag of Mike & Ike's, 1 bag of Gummy Bears)
-Hot glue gun or super glue
-Assorted color ribbon

TO MAKE: Take your cracker jar and with your first bag of candy pour it into the cracker jar until a third of the jar is full. Continue that same step with the two other bags of candy. At the end, there should be 3 visible layers.

Next, choose an alpha letter adornment that represents the first name of the person you will be giving this candy jar to. Position the letter at the middle of the jar's lid; glue with the super glue.

From there, position ribbon around the bottom lid area of the jar and tie it into a bow. Candy jar complete! Accompany the candy jar with a nice card/note.

EXTRA! EXTRA! If you want to give just a little bit more than a candy jar here's a unique idea. Obtain 2 movie tickets to accompany the jar. Make the 3 layers in the jar popcorn, hot tamales, and milk duds (typical move theater treats). This makes for a simple yet creative gift!


  1. soooo cute!! This blog just gave me a great date idea for the girl I mentor and I to make for relatives!!!!

  2. Aww yay! That will be so much fun :-)