May 18, 2011

One for You, One for You, and ONE FOR YOU!

As we continue our lesson on activating touch (feelings) we have learned that the weather/temperature in which you host a party can impact your guests' experience. Now, let's focus on how activating touch (feelings) specifically impacts little kids.

Remember looking forward to getting a pencil pass from your teacher?! Getting that pencil pass in your hand made you feel liberated; you were special enough to receive a pencil pass to pick a pencil in the Principal's Office-such an honor! Well, kids yearn for that same type of gratification at parties, so the best way to activate touch (feelings) is through games accompanied with prizes!

A pinata is one of the greatest games to be played at a child's party. As soon as they feel that bat in hand it is game time! Talk about instant gratification too for all guests at the party the second the pinata explodes-everyone feels like a winner.

Click here for a list of other games you can play at a child's party!!

I hope you now have a better understanding on how to activate touch (feelings). Stay tuned for our final part in Lesson 1; activating hearing!

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