November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Ok, so you may not be a chef in the kitchen for this Thanskgiving, but there is still a way to contribute. Gather some vases, candles, flowers, pumpkins and other fall decorative pieces from the Dollar Tree or Michaels and include some cute table displays for your dinner table. Below are some cute table decorations I found for Thanksgiving! Click on the pictures for more details!


November 20, 2012

How to Host a Clothing & Accessories Swap

This past weekend I hosted my very first clothing & accessories swap! I have been to a couple of clothing swaps and thought it was a great way to get your girlfriends together to raid each others closets while sipping on some drinks and eating some good food. 

So what is a clothing swap you might be asking?

Clothing swaps are a great way to get some new clothes & accessories..FOR FREE!! How it works: Everyone brings gently used, and washed, clothing, shoes, and accessories that they want to get rid of. Guests should bring things that are in decent shape that they would be willing to give up. Choose someone's home to host the swap at. A community room or living room that you can turn into a little Forever 21 is perfect! Separate everyone's stuff into certain areas in the room (ie: accessories corner, shorts on the coffee table, pants on the couch). Once everyone's stuff is displayed, you can either let everyone freely shop around for stuff they want OR you can do it by categories- everyone takes a number and one at a time chooses from the shirts, then shorts, then accessories, etc.!

Always make sure you have food and drinks. Engage your guests by asking them to bring a snack or drink!

Clothing swaps are always a lot of fun soooo raid your closet, throw stuff in a bag, and host one with your girlfriends. If you have any items left behind, donate them to a local shelter.

November 13, 2012

Must See Venue: Playa Grande Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Looking to have a destination wedding but not looking to go too far? Does exotic beaches, breathtaking ocean views, and several amenities for you and your guests appeal to you? Then, I encourage you to go south of the border and have your wedding or reception at quite possibly one of the most grand hotels: Playa Grande Resort & Spa.

Photos of Playa Grande Resort, Cabo San Lucas
This photo of Playa Grande Resort is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I stayed at the Playa Grande Resort & Spa for a wedding that was taking place at Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa right next door and to say I had an amazing time would be an understatement. The second you pulled up to the entrance you felt like you had entered the vacation set for a king and queen. The entrance was so grand with a tall ceiling and marble floors to greet you.

But, the front entrance and lobby was only one area of the many that took my breathe away. Prior to arriving in Cabo, I booked an all-inclusive package for the Solmar Resort, The Playa Grande & Grand Solmar's sister property, that included lodging, unlimited meals, snacks, and drinks, and discounts on all hotel amenities for 4 days and 3 nights all for $270--yes, it was a STEAL. Upon my arrival, I was lucky enough to have been complimentary upgraded to a room in a VIP secluded area of the Playa Grande called The Ridge. So secluded that you needed a special hotel key to get to this section of the hotel. I stayed with another wedding guest and as we walked to our room, we felt like we were in a little European country all to ourselves.

Our room was the Master Suite equipped with a large patio, 2 full bathrooms with a shower and bathtub, a queen bed, one pull out queen bed, a vanity, drawers and closets to put away our clothes, a full kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, and microwave, a dining room table, and living room with a couch and tv.

Images of The Ridge at Playa Grande Luxury Villas, Cabo San Lucas
This photo of The Ridge at Playa Grande Luxury Villas is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of The Ridge at Playa Grande Luxury Villas, Cabo San Lucas
This photo of The Ridge at Playa Grande Luxury Villas is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Pictures of The Ridge at Playa Grande Luxury Villas, Cabo San Lucas
This photo of The Ridge at Playa Grande Luxury Villas is courtesy of TripAdvisor 

Every day we walked out onto our patio and were welcomed by our marina view!

But, it was not just the gorgeous master suite that took me for surprise; it was the private pool area too!

I had never otherwise swam in an infinity pool.....until now!


When we wanted to check out a new scene, we did not hesitate to move to the main hotel area and check out their several pools, restaurants, and other beautiful scenic areas all of which faced the open ocean.

I could not miss out on showing some of the magnificent food and drinks we devoured...all of which were included with our all-inclusive deal. Let's just say, I drank a little one too many of their strawberry smoothies!

While I didn't take full advantage of the amenities because I was too busy lounging at the pool every day, the hotel does offer everything from an onsite spa, mini golf course, tennis court, dolphin swimming, snorkeling, and so much more!

Overall, if you are looking to have a destination wedding where you and your guests can relax and have a great time under the sun, the Playa Grande Resort & Spa is the place to go!


November 12, 2012

Party of the Month: Cooke Wedding at The Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa

This past weekend I went to my first out of the country destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and it was amazing. The bride and groom decided to get married at The Grand Solmar Land´s End Resort & Spa and it was nothing short of breathtaking. The Grand Solmar Land´s End Resort & Spa just opened in 2011 and has been a new wedding hotspot with its extraordinary amenities which include several restaurants, pools, and ocean front views to name a few. The bride and groom got married just before sunset under an amazing gazebo-it was picture perfect with the waves crashing behind us. The table settings were dressed with beachy trinkets and gorgeous yellow and white roses. I loved the simplicity of this wedding; the detail was simply love. Check out the photos from the wedding below!