November 7, 2012

Recipe of the Day: Victory Obama Cake!

This picture and recipe is taken from Simmer Down Food

 Victory Cake for Barack Obama


  • 1 box of chocolate cake mix; make two separate cakes to layer
  • 4 cups vanilla butter cream frosting
  • 2 cups unsweetened coconut flakes
  • red & blue food coloring
  • pastry bags for decorating
How to make the cake:

Bake two layers of the chocolate cake mix. After you let it cool, invert one cake layer onto a cake plate or platter and frost the top.  Sprinkle with coconut.  Lightly frost the top of the other layer and then invert that onto the first layer (this is so you have a nice flat surface on top.)  Frost the top and sides.  You don’t need to frost the top very heavily since it will get another layer when you decorate it.  Try to make sure it’s as smooth and even as possible to give yourself a good surface to work on.  Press the remaining coconut onto the sides of the cake.  Take about 2/3 cup frosting and color it blue; color another 2/3 cup red. For better results, place the frosting in a pastry bag so you can squeeze the frosting better when decorating.  Center a jar lid or other circular lid of the appropriate size onto the top middle part of your cake and press lightly; this will be your guide to outlining the blue arch of the campaign symbol as seen above. Using your red, blue, and white frosting, proceed to design the Barack Obama campaign logo. 


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