May 16, 2011

LESSON #1- PART 4: Activating TOUCH (Feelings)

Utilizing the five senses at your party takes some work to implement and depending on the type of party, you may not be able to incorporate all of the senses into the experience. My goal is to have you uncover senses you can incorporate at your next party/event that you haven’t even thought about-one of which is activating touch (feelings). Activating the fives senses at a party/event you're hosting can trigger powerful thoughts and memories and this can be a great way to create positive, memorable experiences for your guests.

This week we will discuss Activating TOUCH (feelings). How does your party feel to your guests when they step inside? There are four kinds of touch sensations that can be identified: cold, heat, contact, and pain. The ways in which these can be activated at a party are endless so I will provide you with tips and party examples in which touch (feelings) was successfully activated!

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