May 2, 2011

How to Plan a Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

Are you ready for one of the biggest celebrations of the year where sombreros, margaritas, and tortillas are the norm for the day! It's time for CINCO DE MAYO!!

#1 Invitations

Sending out festive invitations is always the best idea and your local Target or Party City will have these on stock, however, there is a quicker and still creative way to invite your guests to your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta; send them an EVITE. Evite has premade Cinco de Mayo invitations so this requires little effort from you. Simply pop in the email addresses and you're set!

#2 Decor

Decoration must haves are included, but not limited to: Fiesta table cloth, maracas, sombreros, pinatas, Fiesta colored paper lanterns, festive designed lights, Fiesta colored streamers, napkins, plates, and cutlery in Fiesta colors, and Fiesta colored margarita cups. There are always sections in Party City dedicated to Cinco de Mayo decorations, but you can also try Oriental Trading Company (pictured above) for some even more unique decor.

#3 Food & Drinks

It's time for some south-of-the-border tasty fun! Food & Drink must haves include, but are not limited to: icy cold margaritas & coronas, chips & salsa, quacamole, a warm bowl of chicken-tortilla soup, 7-layer dip, chilli, quesadillas, chicken wings, and burritos and tacos. Since tacos are more of a main course, set up a taco bar! Use colorful trays to separate all the toppings – cheese, lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, olives, and choices of salsa. For dessert have churros & sopapillas! Click here for specific Cinco de Mayo recipes!

#4 Entertainment

I for one would love to bring actual professional Mexican dancers to my party, BUT, to save some money, select a station on Pandora or simply download traditional Mexican music from Amazon or iTunes!

I hope you are now ready to plan your next Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!


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