May 22, 2011

Karen's Fantasy Bachelorette Party Pt. 1

Pictured: Party City Damask & Polka Dot Wedding Party Supplies

So, I have yet to plan a Bachelorette Party, but I know all the things I would do to make it fabulous. Since I have no personal pictures to describe how this event would take place, I shall grab pictures that best convey my ideas.

Here we go!

When I think of a Bachelorette Party I think of sexy meets classy meets fun! So the colors and patterns I would use during the party would be hot pink and black to show sexy, damask patterns to show classy, and polka dot to show fun! The picture above gives a good representation of how the Bachelorette Party would look!

Step #1: Choose a location

This would be the best part of the planning because destination is key.I would try to choose a destination that can allow all the girls to just relax and have fun and conveniently attend. Places like Scottsdale, AZ, Palm Springs, CA & Las Vegas, NV would be my top 3 choices and preferably in a Starwood Property that has convenient nightlife near by as well as relaxing day time activities. The first place that comes to my mind is W Scottsdale with their Spa Suites.

The great thing about having a suite is that it can serve two purposes: one, it can be a place for guests to sleep in and two, a location to have the pre-game and Bachelorette Party activities at. But, we'll talk more about that later....

Step #2: Guest List & Invitations

Traditionally, the ladies you invite to the Bachelorette Party are the ladies apart of the Bridal Party, but many do invite all their girlfriends whether they're actually in the wedding or not; it is the Bride's choice so I would be sure to ask her preference. Once the list of girls are in, out go the pink, black, and damask and polka dot patterned of course! However, mine would not be sent as a traditional envelope and card, I would send the invite in a picture frame!

To make a similar frame, you will need the following from Michaels:

-Wooden memory frame
-Styrofoam paint brushes, one as a circular shape
-Acrylic paint (hot pink for the base, white for the polka dots)
-Damask patterned ribbon
-hot glue gun and glue stick

1st: Paint the frame with the Styrofoam paint brush using the hot pink acrylic paint-let it dry.

Next: Pour the white acrylic paint into a bowl and dab the circular Styrofoam paint brush into the bowl. Gently brush off excess paint on the side of the bowl and proceed to press the circular Styrofoam brush onto the now hot pink frame. Make as many circles as desired. Allow paint to dry.

Next: Take your hot glue gun, and around the inner rectangle part of the frame, glue the pearls.

Then: Take your Damask patterned ribbon and tie a piece of it into a bow. With your hot glue gun, secure it onto the middle top of the frame.

Last: Create a paper template of the Bachelorette Party invite and insert it inside the frame.

Frame complete :-)

Step #3: Create an Itinerary

It's not just about crazy nights during a Bachelorette Party, especially if you're making it a weekend long thing. So if I were planning one, I would be sure to include both day and night time activities. Examples for day time events include: Spa Day-massages, pedicures, manicures, the works! Local sightseeing of the town that includes breakfast and lunch stops at popular food places. It has got to be something that everyone can enjoy.

Examples of night time events would include a limo or party bus-that is a MUST. To find competitive prices on different limos and party buses go to where they supply you with several quotes from different limos and party buses around.

From there it's a night out on the town to dinner and a fun bar or nightclub! Basically FUN is the itinerary!

Step #4: Bachelorette Party gear

Like I stated in my latest blog, Karen's Fabulous Frugal Wedding Tip #2: Custom Bachelorette Shirts, when you're having your Bachelorette Party, EVERYONE around needs to know that you and your bridal party are the showstoppers for the weekend. Custom bachelorette shirts should be worn during the day, making sure that the bride-to-be has something on her to stand out (ie: crown, sash, buttons, garter, veil).

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Fantasy Bachelorette Party!


  1. Great to see the fantasy of Karen bachelorette party.

  2. My friend just completed her bachelorette party and we had the funnest time! For the bridal shower we developed a scavenger hunt theme and absolutely suggest this to everyone, it was awesome! We found some wonderful ideas over at this website… Extremely recommended!