April 28, 2011

Karen's Fabulous Frugal Wedding Tip #2: Custom Bachelorette Shirts

Let's face it, when you're having your Bachelorette Party, EVERYONE around needs to know that you and your bridal party are the showstoppers for the weekend. Besides being the loud ones stumbling in at 4 in the morning after a crazy fun-filled night, there is one more obvious way to stand out: Custom Bachelorette shirts.

Buying custom shirts for your bridal party can get pricey, especially since they will only be worn for one or two nights so it's important to make the shirts cute and noticeable, but in the most cost effective way. That is where Bachelorette Girl from Zazzle.com comes in.

Above is an image of a tank I custom designed on the Bachelorette Girl site (click on image for a larger view). You can change the font, font size, font color, shirt color, position, you name it, on whatever type of shirt you would prefer. You can add an image to the shirt and even include writing on the back.

The clincher is that it is so affordable. For the example images above it came out to less than $19.00 a shirt since it would be bought in bulk! In essence, you could afford to have two different shirts for the weekend! How can you beat that?

This makes me want to go plan a Bachelorette Party just so I can have a cute shirt :-)

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