April 24, 2011

How to Plan a Large Birthday Party-Part 4: Dealing with RSVPs

As you are creating your decorations and ordering food and drinks for your large birthday party, you are at a stand still because you do not know how many minor details to make for individual guests and you have no idea how much food & drinks to order. You realize that the RSVP date has long passed and you have not heard from a couple of your guests. You need to hear from them as soon as possible, but you do not want to send them yet another text about the large birthday party around the corner.

Evite is your answer.

Evite is such a great tool to use because it is a friendly way of letting your potential guests know that they have an event to RSVP to. The above image shows an Evite that I sent to some guests who had not RSVPd. Unfortunately, some people do not understand the importance of RSVPing, but this way is the best way to let them know and get an answer quick since a lot of people actively check their emails. All you need are your potential guests' email addresses and then Evite will do all the work! The cool thing about using Evite is that when your potential guests do RSVP, the update gets sent immediately to your email.

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