April 8, 2011

Scents for the BOYS!

If you're having the guys over why not play with their sense of smell? My two favorite candles to light on a Boy's Night are the Sunflower scented candles in the Heritage line from Gold Canyon Candles and the Cinnamon Vanilla scented candles also in the Heritage line.

Don't let the words "flower" and "vanilla" fool you as studies show that men love warm, feminine scents. These candles have been tested around the men and have received lots of approval! The Sunflower candle resembles fields of blooming sunflowers, as it was made with a blend of a bouquet of peach, rose, and geranium. The Cinnamon Vanilla scented candle truly activates scent with its genuine cinnamon and vanilla blend to create a combination of sweet and spicy.

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