March 19, 2011

Karen's Basic Fundamentals of Planning a Party

You have seen a glimpse of some of the events I have hosted, but I think it’s time you know my Basic Fundamentals of Planning a Party. Every week I will feature a basic fundamental and team it up with some of my favorite parties I have personally done or witnessed. Before you know it, you will be ‘The Life of the Party’.

LESSON #1: Activating All Five Senses

Let’s play a game right now. Close your eyes, but before you do, think of a time when you really enjoyed yourself. Can you remember what it looked like? How about how it smelled? Do you remember the sounds you heard or the tastes you indulged in? What did you touch/feel? What feelings came over you?

Open your eyes.

If you can remember every instance in your most enjoyable moments we call that AN EXPERIENCE. Of course, not all experiences are enjoyable, but the point is that you use FIVE SENSES when going through an experience.


In order to have a successful experience, you must activate ALL five senses; IT'S THAT SIMPLE…so, in order to have a successful event, you must…? ACTIVATE ALL FIVE SENSES. Activating all five senses at an event is one of My (Karen's) Basic Fundamentals of Planning a Party.

Each week I will feature an event that successfully employed the 5 senses, focusing on one sense per week to give you an idea of how you can copy the same tools.

Your task: Go to a party or an event and pay attention to how they employ (or do not employ) the activation of all 5 senses.

Take notes :-)


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