March 26, 2011

Easter Party

To finish off this week's lesson on taste, I want to introduce you to a party that features EVERYTHING we have talked about thus far to activate taste: good food/drinks fitting to your theme, spelling it out for your guests (ie: labels on your food), and dressing up your food. Below, you will find a party from Wants and Wishes. I thought, how fitting to feature an Easter party since Easter is around the corner. This Easter party is one for the books! Let's walk through how Wants and Wishes successfully activates taste for this party.

Right off the bat, Wants and Wishes picked a high and low focal point like I discussed in my blog, How to Say Thank You to a Group with $30. Wants and Wishes did this with the center piece being a creative carrot bowl as the low focal point, and the 'Happy Easter' banner as the high focal point.

Focusing on the food and drinks, where do we begin?! When we think of Easter, we think of chocolate, jelly beans, Easter eggs, and pastel colors like lavender and mellow yellow to name a few. Wants and Wishes activates taste by playing with that theme.

By labeling some of the treats this too was tastefully enticing!

Above all else, Wants and Wishes did an excellent job at dressing up food & drinks!

Wants and Wishes did such a great job of showcasing how to activate taste and if you would like to find out where to get some of the personalized labels and decorations Wants and Wishes used for their party go to Wants and Wishes blog. I hope this week you feel a little bit more comfortable in just one of the ways you can plan a successful event for your guests by activating taste! Our next lesson coming up is how to activate sight!


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