March 22, 2011

CANDYLAND Birthday Party!

Continuing on with our lesson on activating TASTE, I bring to you one of the greatest examples of activating taste at an event; the Candyland Birthday Party for Max Sutter, son of Bachelorette couple Trista and Ryan. Max Sutter celebrated his first birthday in style!

The following photos of the event were retrieved from the brains behind this masterpiece of a party, Hostess with the Mostess!

Let's step inside CANDYLAND and see how great the activation of TASTE was implemented!

If you're going to have a CANDYLAND Birthday Party, well you must have CANDY and this was something that the party planners did a great job of. Rather than throwing candy around, Hostess with the Mostess creatively presented the candy in such a way that made you feel overwhelmed with options! What I loved the most about their presentation of the food, was that they kept in mind their audience; little children. They did not simply throw candy in an open bowl. They made it truly feel like a candy store (or candy by placing the candy in jars!

Not only could you find the candy in cute jars (which you can find at Target or Michaels) but Hostess with the Mostess also creatively used them as both a food option and as a decorative piece when they placed it as a centerpiece.

On top of the plethora of candy, they even had scrumptious chocolate cupcakes that they creatively topped with lollipops! So cute!

The individually wrapped lollipops were definitely a nice touch to all of the candy they offered. If you would like to make your party look more exclusive, you too can have lollipops that are individually wrapped. Simply buy plain lollipops from Michaels as well as candy wrapping from Michaels and add a cute personalized sticker that says the event name onto the lollipop and you've just created a cute way to make your party look that much more exclusive.

I hope you enjoyed reading how the Hostess with the Mostess activated TASTE at the Sutters' son's 1st Birthday Party! Now, it's your turn! Keep reading to find more examples on this week's lesson of activating taste!

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