October 22, 2012

Party Tip of the Day: RSVP Etiquette & Following the Invitation

As a party planner there is nothing more irritating than having your guests with which you've invited to your event not properly provide an RSVP. So what does "R.S.V.P." stand for anyways you might ask? R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply." 

The person sending the invitation wo­uld like you to tell them whether or not you accept or decline the invitation. In other words, will you be coming to the event or not? It is proper etiquette to respond promptly after receiving a formal invitation, especially if written and sent by mail. No matter what, it is common courtesy to give your response and in the proper way asked (ie: via a given phone number, mailing back the card with a written response, etc.)

What does the person hosting the party/event use the RSVP for?  

Party hosts use your RSVP to determine an accurate estimate of how many people to count on when it comes to food and drinks. Not only that, but if there is a specific set-up that needs to be arranged with tables, chairs, cloth, and cutlery, an RSVP helps to determine just how much of these things will be needed during the event. 

Tip to party hosts waiting on RSVPs

I used to think "I sent the invitation, if I do not hear back from them I will consider it a 'no' RSVP". After a few instances though, I have learned that it is always better to follow-up with the stragglers. Perfect example, I had my Kare Bear's 24th Birthday Slumber Party this past year and mailed out invitations to all of my friends. Weeks had gone by and I had heard from several but there were still a couple left who had not said yay or nay. Finally, one day I was speaking to one of my friends on the phone and had politely asked her why she had not responded to the invitation I had sent her. She stated she never received it. Come to find out, she either accidentally tossed it with junk mail by mistake, or it got lost in the mail. Either way, rather than assuming she just wasn't coming I learned from that instance to never completely trust that the invitation got to the right person. Simply put: Follow the Invitation-until you have heard from that guest, do not automatically think the worst (that they're not coming).

Will you RSVP correctly now? Check YES or NO below ;-)


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  1. Good tips. Invitations are very important for the guests. Trough invitation, theme of the party is explained so guests knows what to expect. Of course, if it's not a surprise party in question.