April 11, 2011

Barbie Birthday Party!!

The week is here! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Just as I promised I will be featuring some of my favorite birthday parties to date! First up, I bring to you a birthday party for one of the most GLAMOROUS woman I know....Barbie!

Colin Cowie is a South African lifestyle guru and party planner to the stars, television personality and writer and was the brains behind this "Real" Life-Size Barbie Dream House for Barbie's 50th Birthday. The event took place in Malibu, CA and it was nothing short of fabulous. The following photos are courtesy of HWTM. Let's walk the Pink Carpet and see how Colin Cowie brought this party to life!

It is quite clear that when choosing the theme colors for this party it was pink, pink, and MORE PINK. In every room in Barbie's Dream house a tribute to Barbie and everything pink is conveyed.

From her pink bedroom designed by famous interior designer, Jason Adler...

To the lavish living room designed by Jason Adler as well!

My absolute favorite part of the party theme were the decorations found poolside!

Below you will find the Barbie dessert table and the bar. The bar was decorated with over 750 Barbie dolls!

The desserts they had looked so scrumptious, from the mini cupcakes to their rendition of s'mores which they lit near the fire pit.

A nice DIY (do it yourself) would be the centerpieces placed on the tables.

These unique centerpieces were displayed on lucite tables filled with thousands of mini Barbie shoes, brushes, and purses.

But of course, what is a Barbie birthday party without her cute pink ride?! This hot pink, custom VW bug was built just for Barbie-they even put a vanity mirror in it!

Talk about the ultimate birthday party for the books! Stay tuned for more of my favorite birthday parties as we do the countdown till my big birthday bash ;-)


  1. wow!! This Barbie party is AMAZING!! Only for Barbie!!hahah Love it!

  2. Love the birthday party with barbie ever!!! really like pink too:-)

  3. What was used as the base for the pink floral shoe centerpiece?

  4. blissfulmoments, I am not ignoring your question...I asked Colin Cowie what was used and he is getting back to me! Stay tuned :-)

    P.S. Thanks for reading!!

  5. Ok, so Colin said that the Barbie centerpiece is made of Styrofoam cut into heel shapes and then covered with fabric!

  6. Oh, I like this pink color, very very nice color and motif.

  7. Barbie is the most popular doll and every baby girl wants to have a party with barbie.