August 24, 2011

My Wedding

No, I am not getting married. BUT, if you're getting married I have the perfect site for you to use to inform your guests of the big day! It's called My Wedding.

My Wedding is a company that helps you essentially plan your wedding. Their unique business that caught my attention is the ability to have a free wedding website via their site! One of my friends is currently using My Wedding for their wedding site and it is the cutest thing ever. My friend was able to create tabs on the site that discuss details of the wedding, information on the bride and groom, information on the bridal party, fun things to do before the wedding, song requests for the wedding, and much much more! You can even set it up on the site that your guests can directly RSVP there- so simple and hassle free!

Choose a theme, choose a color scheme, and have fun on your wedding site!

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August 22, 2011

Must See Venue: Lucky Strike Lanes

A couple of weeks ago I helped my friend plan her 25th Birthday Party. When she consulted with me she said she was looking for some sophisticated fun. One place came to mind: Lucky Strike Lanes.

With a nightclub/loungey ambiance, you feel like you're in a dance club, but no heels are needed-just your bowling shoes!! Lucky Strike Lanes is a fusion between a lounge/bar and bowling alley-perfect for an adult party. If you're looking to have a birthday party or event, Lucky Strike Lanes have party packages to fit your vision. If you're on a budget, you don't even have to worry about reserving a package, simply come in with some decor, choose a lane, and get ready to have a blast with your friends!

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August 17, 2011

Favorite Party Item: Personalized M&Ms

Please tell me that personalized M&Ms are not the cutest things you have ever seen! On MY M&Ms you can create a custom order of M&Ms to have any phrases or pictures crafted on the hard candy shell.

All you have to do is walk through the easy steps: Choose an M&M color, select an image or phrase you'd like on the candy shell, and then choose the packaging you want it in! Check out my personalized M&Ms below!!

I chose the cute tin box to put them in, but they have over 5 different packaging options to choose from.

Lay these cute treats out at your party and you will definitely personalize your guest's experience :-)


August 10, 2011

Favorite Party Item: Inflatable Bounce Houses

Remember the elementary days when you had that super fun Spring Carnival?! What was the one activity you loved to do? For me, it was bouncing in the inflatable bounce houses!

If you're planning an outdoor party for kids, these inflatable bounce houses are great forms of entertainment. One great place that I found called A Child's Joy,has everything from a huge obstacle course inflatable bouncey....

to even a huge inflatable slide just to name a few!

Best of all, it's not just inflatable bounceys that they offer, but they can provide you with a full package of stuff which includes a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, tables, chairs...YOU NAME IT! You can even bargain a party package price!

Look in your city for the nearest Inflatable Bounce House Rental store and I promise if you have them at your party you will be the Life of the Party ;-)

Cake of the Day: CrystalCakes!

My friend, Mika, wanted me to help her plan her 25th Birthday Party so after choosing a venue (Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley) and the main colors she wanted for the party, it was time to decide on food for the event. Well, what is a birthday without birthday cake..?! We decided it would make the most sense to have cupcakes since you don't need to worry about cutting them or wasting them; they are just the right size.

Knowing me, I don't just settle for anything ordinary; I wanted cupcakes that matched the bowling theme. It was then that I reached out to CrystalCakes located in Seattle, WA to bring my vision alive.

At CrystalCakes you choose the cupcake flavor and icing flavor. The cupcakes turn out so moist and flavorful; not too sweet and just enough sugar to make you go for a second and third bite. Before you know it, your grabbing for a second one! My favorite dessert featured at CrystalCakes are their Cupcakes in a Jar...YUM!

The cupcakes that CrystalCakes made for my party turned out great; they were a hit at the party.

CrystalCakes is ready to start baking for you so check them out the next time you're in the Seattle area!

If you like CrystalCakes , be sure to 'Like' their page on Facebook!!


August 7, 2011

Favorite Party Item: Cotton Candy Machine

Want to make your next party, especially kid or pink-themed party, a hit?! Bring on in the Cotton Candy Machine! I am so in love with this portable sugar machine. It's cute, pink, and fluffy and melts in your mouth (and is sticky in your hand)! If a Cotton Candy Machine is too expensive to buy, your nearest party rental store is likely to have one for you to rent or you can buy a cheap Cotton Candy Maker here.

August 3, 2011

Cake of the Day!

Today I was reading Woman's Day and I got really inspired by a story about a woman by the name of Kate Carrara. Kate Carrara was a successful attorney and though she was a successful attorney, it was not her true passion; she yearned for a different career path.

After months of self reflecting, she decided that her calling was in the cupcake industry and that is how today's Cake of the Day, Buttercream, was founded back in 2009.

Buttercream is located in Philadelphia and one of the unique things about Kara's cupcakes is that you can catch them on their route they take in the Cupcake Truck!

This truck, which was once a mail truck, makes 5 stops a week. To see when and where the next stop is click here!

Follow the adventures of Cupcake Truck on Twitter!

It just goes to show that when you put your mind toward something, anything is possible!