April 10, 2012

Cake of the Day: My "Kare Bear" Birthday Cake

Today's Cake of the Day ties into showcasing all the amazing details that went into my Kare Bear's 24th Birthday Slumber Party. Nohelly Mendoza  of Partyland Special Events was the brains & beauty behind this amazing masterpiece of a cake and it fit in so well with all of my Care Bear themed birthday party decor. The cake was a rainbow batter mixed with butter cream frosting and the outside was all created using fondant. It was delicious!

I will definitely be using Partyland Special Events for my next party in the Arizona area!!

April 9, 2012

Kare Bear's 24th Birthday Slumber Party: Nameplates

The first entry I am making about my Kare Bear's 24th Birthday Slumber Party involves how I made the above name plates.

Step#1: Go to Gartner Studios and type in the SKU# associated with the Gartner Studios label you obtained. Select the blank template option.

Step#2: Go to DaFont.com where the Care Bear Family font will pull up. Under 'Custom Preview' type in a Care Bear name, select a size and press 'Submit'. The preview will appear below. From there, open 'SnagIt' and capture the name you created. Save it as a jpg picture.

Step#3: Go back to your Gartner Studios blank label template and replace the sample wording with the Care Bear font name you just created. Place the physical blank label sheet into your printer -press print and all names should have aligned nicely onto the labels.

Step#4: Next, take your wooden rectangle, glue one side, and face the glued part onto one of your Care Bear colored construction papers. Let dry.

Step#5: Once wooden rectangle is dry, cut around the wooden rectangle so the unglued part is removed. Flip over the wooden rectangle so all you see is the construction part.

Step#6: Peel off a label and fix it onto the wooden rectangle that has construction paper on it.

Step#7: Take your wooden painted star, rainbow, or crown (if you're going to have "helpers" apply the crown, else stick to the rainbows and stars) and with a hot glue gun, fix it onto the wooden rectangle that now has the label and construction paper fixed on it.

Step#8: Take the wooden axle peg and with a hot glue gun, fix it onto the back of the wooden rectangle as low as it can go. Wooden rectangle should now be able to stand up in an upright position.

Name plate COMPLETE!

Stay tuned for more entries on how to create the perfect Care Bear themed party taken straight from my Kare Bear Slumber Party!


April 7, 2012

Party of the Month: Kare Bear's 24th Birthday Slumber Party

Well, if you haven't already figured it out, my nickname is Kare Bear and as such I decided to incorporate my nickname with my birthday through a Care Bear themed slumber party. The slumber party was an absolute hit and I just couldn't wait to post about it. I spent lots of time planning this birthday and it was definitely one for the books. This week I will post entries on different parts of the party in which you can takeaway some great resources to make your next Care Bear themed party a hit.Click here, here, and here for some of my Care Bear themed ideas from the party!

April 3, 2012

Special Delivery: Sneak Peak of my 24th Birthday Bash

My birthday is the most important holiday of the year. As such, I like to go BIG and well, this year I am throwing a huge slumber party to bring back the old school times where having a slumber party on your birthday was the cool thing to do. It will be called "Kare Bear's 24th Birthday Slumber Party". Sticking to the Care Bear theme, I asked each woman invited to send me their preferred Care Bear name. It could be a made up one or one taken straight from the characters. I then reached out to 224 Apparel & Design and had them make a Kare Bear inspired Pajama piece of which I sent out to all the bears! Check it out below and come back to my blog to see all the pics and breakdowns of my slumber party decor. xoxo!