July 18, 2014

5 Ways To Have A Non-Alcoholic Bachelorette Party

It's the last fling before the ring for your friend who is about to tie the knot, but at her request, she wants a non-alcoholic Bachelorette Party. What to do, what to do.....In all honesty, you don't absolutely need alcohol to have a memorable Bachelorette Party experience so here are five (5) ways that you can have a FUN, non-alcoholic Bachelorette Party:

1. Have a Spa Day!
Life (and the wedding planning) can be so chaotic, so what better way to start off the Bachelorette Party by having a nice, relaxing day at the spa? Sip on ice cold lemonade and everyone can enjoy the soothing touch of the masseuse and girl talk.

2. Private Dining
Exclusivity is the key when it comes to making the Bachelorette feel special. Reserving space at a restaurant where she and her closest girlfriends can chat/mingle can prove to be one big party as everyone gets to know each other.

3. Host a Passion Party
A little sexy passion party never hurt anybody! Bring a Passion Party to your private event to spice things up. Learn about different ways for the Bride-to-Be (and you too!) to get creative in the bedroom.

4. Sing At a Karaoke/Piano Bar
Some of the greatest moments are held when you're with your girls belting out your favorite songs. Karaoke/Piano Bars are a perfect atmosphere to dress the Bride-to-Be in fun Bachelorette gear and force her onto the stage to give her singing debut! Secure a table front row for some sing-along fun!

5. Take a Pole Dancing Class 
Nowadays, pole dancing companies will come right to your home and show you a thing a two about working the pole. It is so much fun to learn new tricks and giggle and laugh with friends as you attempt to be a Vegas Showgirl for the night.

Bachelorette parties don't need alcohol to have a good time. Having the Bachelorette be at the comfort of her greatest friends, sharing laughs, taking pictures, and taking in the moments before officially getting tied down is what matters the most.

Can you think of any fun Bachelorette activities you can get into that don't have to involve alcohol? Share them in the comments below!

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