July 25, 2014

Can I Wear White To The Wedding?

The answer is: It depends on the bride.

In a world where many traditions have been lost, some traditions are here to stay when it comes to weddings. However, that doesn't mean that every bride follows them. Wearing white as a guest to a wedding has been as of late, taboo. But, it's important to understand the story behind the tradition of the Bride wearing white to better understand if the color white is really off limits.

Here's a brief history:

The tradition of a white wedding dress is commonly credited to Queen Victoria's choice to wear a white wedding dress at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. Before her, many brides were wearing different colored wedding dresses in addition to veils. The wearing of a white wedding dress soon turn into a representation of wealthy status as well as innocence and sexual purity. The color white was also the color girls were required to wear at the time when they were presented to the court.

For the most part, most people have it engrained in their heads that you shouldn't wear white to a wedding. But, my suggestion is to ask the Bride how she would feel about you wearing white. However, if you don't want to make a big deal about it or draw unnecessary attention to yourself, I would avoid wearing white altogether {yes, that includes the white stripes and white polka dots on your tentative outfit of choice...haha!}. Check back next week for my list of awesome stores and latest dresses to wear at a wedding {that aren't white of course!}.

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