March 9, 2011


I had the pleasure of planning my FIRST Baby Shower and it was soo much fun! Who knew HELLO KITTY would become my new obsession?! I will tell you just how I planned this cute & fun event.


When you think of HELLO KITTY you think of a cute little kitty kat dressed in cute clothes, BUT HELLO KITTY rocks many hairbow themes so for this Baby Shower me and the Mommy-to-be had to decide on which HELLO KITTY hairbow theme we wanted to do. The Mommy-to-be chose "Hello Kitty Sweetheart" (the RED hairbow). The reason why this is so important is because you must match all your party decoration schemes with the appropriate theme-having all different kinds of Hello Kitty hairbow themes would make the decorations too distracting.

So we chose this great theme, now it was time to get my most favorite part of planning...DeCoRaTiOnS!

You cannot have the perfect Hello Kitty Baby Shower without a plethora of Hello Kitty decorations. To start off, I went to Toys 'R Us and immediately went to the girls section. This is where you will find plush Hello Kitty dolls in all shapes and sizes. You can also find Hello Kitty stationery there too!

My next decor idea was pretty simple; pink, red, and white streamers! Whenever you are choosing colors it is always wise to have an accent color. In this case, our accent color for the party was WHITE. I matched the streamer color concept with the same color in balloons, but also needed a unique accent so I coupled it with pink and white polka dot balloons as well. Balloons and streamers are always safe decorations to apply to a party because they can make a large room look more intimate. However, you should never think that plain old balloons and streamers will do the trick! The key is MINOR DETAILS...we'll talk more about that in a bit! You can find both streamers and balloons at your nearest Party City or your local dollar store.

To complete the rest of my decor ideas that I will explain throughout the blog, I went to my FAVORITE crafts store; MICHAEL'S!

We'll get back to more of my decor ideas in just a bit!


So you have your decorations, but what's a party without any guests? Now, if you're like me, I absolutely LOVE to make my own handmade invitations, BUT when you're planning a Baby Shower it can be hectic, so to save time buy your invitations! I stuck to the theme of "Hello Kitty Sweetheart" so I made sure my invitations matched the theme. Target has a full stock of Hello Kitty invitations so that will certainly save you time!


So, remember that Hello Kitty stationery I bought? Well, I put it to good use! What will make your party better than the next is your use of creative MINOR DETAILS that can add to the party. The first minor detail I implemented came from the cheapest source; the internet.

On the internet I googled 'Hello Kitty Sweetheart'-selected images-and saved all the pictures that fit the theme of the party. Whether in color or black and white I found them useful. From there, I opened the pictures in a word document, enlarged them, and printed them out. With some, I colored in red and pink bows. The look I was going for was little kid girly. Coloring books are synonymous with young children so I used the Hello Kitty images to plaster them all over the room at the Baby Shower. I even used them as a source of streamers by cutting holes through the paper and streaming ribbon string through them.

My next minor detail was a table decoration with block letters purchased from Michaels.

This was by far the most fun to make because I got to take advantage of all different styles of stationery and other adornments. What I did was I traced the letters onto the back part of the stationery/construction paper I wanted to use, that way the front of the block letters would have the design I wanted. From there I cut out the traced letter and glued it onto the block letter. I then added any adornments I desired to make it really standout. Since I wanted to spell out 'HELLO' it went perfect with the Welcome Table where I had the guests sign the guest book and grab their name tags.

Speaking of name tags, this brings me to my next minor detail....

This next minor detail was a decoration that served two purposes as it was a table decoration before it served its real purpose as a NAME TAG. To make unique, sturdy name tags you need the following items from Hobby Lobby or Michaels:
*1) A wooden square or rectangle cut out
*2) A hot glue gun with glue sticks

*3)Findings pin bars

*4)White plain sticker nametags

Once you have these four components the rest is EASY! Trace the wooden square or rectangle cut out onto your choice of stationery or construction paper. Glue the stationery/construction paper to the wooden cutout. Stick the white sticker name tag onto the stationery/construction paper side of the name tag. Proceed to decorate around the white square with stickers, ribbon, buttons, anything that will make it look festive. Then, take a hot glue gun and glue the findings pin bar to the wooden side of the name tag.


*Note* Make sure when you are gluing the pin bar that it is glued in such a way that it can be pinned to the guest's would not want it upside down!


You're probably thinking, how can I get creative with food? Well, just tap into your sweet tooth and you'll get an answer. For this Baby Shower I thought SWEET and sweet I went! Sticking again to the theme, I decided to incorporate pink and red treats.

Homemade Hello Kitty cupcakes

Making cupcakes is fast and simple and no one can yell at you for licking the frosting ;-) For this baby shower I went to my closest grocery store and bought Strawberry flavored cake batter (this was to ensure the cupcake turned out pink). For toppings I bought Strawberry flavored icing, fruit roll ups (I shaped these into bows), and Hello Kitty cupcake toppers to adorn some of the cupcakes with. FAST, SIMPLE, and YUMMY!

Pink Drinks

As if sugary cupcakes were not enough, why not some sugary Pink Drinks?! My Pink Drink concoction should naturally be served in a cute pink cup. I filled the pink cups with nothing more than fruit punch and I topped it off with a heap of whip cream. Add a red and white striped straw and an optional cherry and you made a trendy drink in less than 60 seconds!

*Note* With any party you should not just have sweets. There needs to be a balance between sweets and salty items. Popcorn, carrots, fruit, and chips are nice ways to add a balance to your food selection. Most importantly, ALWAYS HAVE WATER AND ICE available.

What's a Hello Kitty baby shower without Hello Kitty there in spirit..? Or perhaps even better, there in CAKE form. As much as I wish I could take credit for baking such a cake, I will leave that to the experts. The best type of cake is any cake with butter cream frosting. I ordered this Hello Kitty cake through my local grocery store; Albertson's. They are not too expensive and cakes like these add to the decorations.


From the moment your guest approaches an event they should already be living the experience. A party is an experience and you use all your senses to fully embrace it. So far we have used Sight, Taste,, they must Hear.

Music can set the tone for any occasion. In this baby shower's case, POP music was just the right fit. My suggestion would be to obtain a free Pandora account, that way, you won't have to worry about constantly changing a CD or IPOD. All you need to do is pick a station and Pandora will be your personal DJ.

One way I thought out of the box was to have a video playing as soon as my guests walked in. Depending on where you decide to host your next baby shower, see if they can set you up with an Audio Visual screen. Check out the video I had my talented friend, Stephanie Rosa, make!

Baby Shower Games

Go to Baby Shower Games 101 to get a list of great games for your guests and the Mommy-to-be to play. My favorite from the list was "It's Not My Baby" (we played it with the plush Hello Kitty dolls).



If your guests walked in with an experience, they must leave with it too. Parting gifts are a nice way to quickly thank guests for attending your event. In most cases a small-medium size gift is appropriate. Again, stick to the theme! Buy cute gift bags and white tissue paper from your nearest Michaels or Walgreens. For gift ideas the following would be appropriate for a baby shower:
-OPI nail polish

-M&Ms that match the baby shower theme color in a cute jar
-Body lotions from BLISS, Victoria's Secret, or Bath & Body Works
-A picture frame of the guest and the Mommy-to-Be


It is courteous to send your guests from a party you hosted thank you cards. It adds a nice touch and reminds your former guests why they would want to return to one of your events again.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! I have just walked you through how to plan/host the perfect baby shower...Hello Kitty style! For more ideas or tips feel free to leave a comment or directly message me. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for how I decorated for my "The Pink Party" Breast Cancer Awareness Event along with the creators of SOROYALTY.

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