June 26, 2014

T+K's Wedding Candy Buffet

Photography: Ardorlit 

Believe it or not, I have never done a candy buffet for a wedding, until now! Back in April I had the pleasure of creating a candy buffet for my friend's daughter who was getting married. I love when a Bride knows what she wants and the Bride, Karly, immediately told me the colors she wanted and specific candy near and dear to her and her future hubby. With elements of red and charcoal and special candy requests like Swedish Fish and salted caramel, I went straight to work designing a buffet to the Bride and Groom's liking. At the end of the wedding, there was no candy left so it was definitely a hit! I can't wait for the next wedding!

June 4, 2014


Yeah, yeah,  I know what you're thinking! "What is Evenstagram"? Eventstagram is probably one of the most genius ideas when it comes to activating the sense of sight at your party. Eventstagram are live Instagram feeds from your party. Hook up a screen, give everyone the hashtag for the night, and watch your guests smile and laugh as they see their pictures on the "big screen". You'll pretty much have a modern day slideshow at your event keeping your guests entertained. Here is an official breakdown on how it works
  1. Register for a free account on the site and create a free trial for your event.
  2. Display Eventstagram's website at your venue, either on large screens, through a projector or just on a TV.
  3. The slideshow tells your guests to take photos on Instagram and add a hashtags so no need to worry about that!
  4. Your guests see their photo(s) appear on the screen almost right away.
The free version allows your slideshow to be up for 6 hours with other features, but you can upgrade to the Silver, Gold, or Crowd Reactive package depending on the size of your party and what exclusive features you want like more play time, more photos to be displayed, custom templates and the list goes on!

All in all, Eventstagram is the perfect crowd pleaser for any event you're hosting be it a conference, music festival, or birthday party! I can't wait to have it at the next event I plan.

June 3, 2014

What Is a Vintage Victorian Wedding?

I absolutely love themed weddings so I was thrilled when a potential client reached out to me about having a candy buffet for her Vintage Victorian wedding next year. When you think of Victorian, what are some of the first things that come to mind? I think of frills, lace, crystal and pearl details, gorgeous flowers like pink roses and peonies mixed with other large blooms, parasols, and cameos. Vintage and Victorian are actually two different things, so it can be easy to mix up the two. "Vintage" refers to things from a certain era in the past. For example, an old 1950s pick up truck could be described as vintage as it is reflective of the 1950s. Old bell bottoms in your mother and father's closet are vintage as they are reflective of the 1970s. Victorian represents an actual era. The Victorian era started in 1837 in Great Britain when Queen Victoria reigned. With this distinction, I have been hard at work trying to design the perfect candy buffet. Check out my Victorian Mood Board I am drawing for inspiration. The color palette for this wedding is eggplant and cream with hints of white! I can't wait to share what I have designed.