October 13, 2014

2014 Fall Wedding Nails

Butter London: The Old Bill | OPI: Over the Taupe | Essie: Chin chilly | Essie: Cashmere Bathrope | Gelish: Mogul
OPI: You Don't Know Jacques | Beaute Louboutin: Rouge

Yay for fall! As much as I absolutely loved wearing fun, bright spring & summer nails at all of the weddings I attended, it's time to transition into deep reds and neutral brown tones that is fall. It's time to let those nails change like the beautiful leaves changing right before us. Whether you're into gel nails or a good old-fashioned manicure, the above nail polish fall favorites will get you in the pumpkin spice, cuddle weather, over-sized sweater fall mood just in time for all the fall weddings! Some of these nail colors are old-school shades with some new favorites like the the Beaute Louboutin Rouge color.

Got a fall nail polish shade you can't wait to try? Give me all the deets below!

October 8, 2014

How To Choose Your Queen Bees (Bridesmaids)

It's no surprise that I have been in quite a few weddings. A real life "21 Dresses"! For every wedding I have had the pleasure of being apart of, it has always felt like an honor to be up near the Bride supporting her in her next chapter in life. Being a bridesmaid is a coveted title and not everyone is asked to be one so not only should you take it seriously, but the Bride-To-Be should take it seriously in asking you to be apart of such a special moment in their life. So how does one choose the perfect Bridesmaid? Here is my guide to choosing the right Bridesmaid:

1) It's Not About Quantity, It's About Quality.

Sure you've known so and so for "x" amount of years. But, was the friendship of quality? Have they supported you through all of your ups and downs in life and saw you through it all, including your relationship with your fiancée? It's not always about choosing your longest friend, it should be about your most supportive friend who will see you through your wedding and beyond.

2) Sister, Sister.

By default your sister(s) should be apart of your bridal party. Whether they serve as a maid or matron of honor is up to you, but nevertheless standing next to you as you say, "I Do!" is a must. On that same note, your future sister-in-law should be on the bridesmaid roster too if possible. That is just proper etiquette.

3) If Quantity Is a Concern, Consider Lifelong Friends

If your fiancé will only have a few people as groomsmen, by default you may feel like mirroring his quantity. If that's the case, consider your best friends starting from childhood, high school, college, and post college. Use that hierarchy when considering a cutoff. Your true friends will understand.

4) Be Weary of Choosing New Friends

So you have met someone that you've really been hitting it off with and it just so happens to be that your wedding is coming up. Should you ask them to be in your wedding since you see potential in the friendship? Steer clear of asking especially new friends to be in your wedding. There is a big chance that through the normal fluctuations in a relationship that they may not actually be this great friend you thought them to be. Again, consider your quality long-term friends first.

If you're worried about hurting great friend's feelings consider involving them in other parts of your wedding journey like your Engagement Party, Bachelorette Party, and Bridal Shower. Remember that this is your special day and you really can do as you please when choosing bridesmaids. No matter what, being invited to the wedding is an honor in and of itself.