June 11, 2011

PARTY OF THE WEEK: Chandler Wolves Grad Party!!

This past weekend I put on my first party I was asked to do: A Chandler Wolves Graduation Party. I had so much fun helping the family prepare for their son's big high school graduation bash. Let's walk through the steps I took to make this party a success!


Like I stated before in my blog entry, 'Plan your Graduation Party...QUICK!',you should choose the 2-3 main school colors from the school you're graduating from to incorporate in all of your decor which is what I did. Champion Party Supply in Seattle, WA was my one stop shop for most of the decor to be incorporated at the party.

I purchased everything from....
Paper lanterns...

to napkins, cups, & plates...

to unique graduation party favors...

to blue & white streamers and paper shreds...

to cute graduation signs and banners!

Display Boards
Brainstorming ideas in my head, I wanted to find a unique way to showcase the mascot of the school at the party (the Chandler Wolf) so I solicited an artist, my great friend, Lynn Sharpy, to draw the mascot on display boards. It turned out great!

Backyard Decor
As I stated in my latest blog entry, 'Backyard decorating', you must not forget about decorating the backyard. For this party we stuck to table cloth colors that matched the theme colors and designed balloon weights that served as centerpieces.

Minor Details
Minor details can really make a party standout, so here are just some of the Minor Details I incorporated at the party:

Personalized Graduation Cups

Streamers wrapped on railing

Handmade Personalized 'Chandler Wolf' & 'Congrats Graduate' Table pieces

I had such a fun time with this party! GO WOLVES!


  1. Congrats on your first post-blog party! The cups were a great idea!