July 7, 2012

Plan your Graduation Party...QUICK!

So you've been on the fence about having a big party to celebrate graduating and you finally caved in and decided to hold a bash. Make it simple on yourself and plan the perfect Grad Party that requires little to no effort. How you might ask can this be done....one answer: Party Rental company.

For my graduation I used a very affordable rental company in Scottsdale, AZ called Party People. Much like other party rental companies they had EVERYTHING from tables to table cloth linen right down to chairs, napkins, and beautiful party pieces and figurines to decorate your area with.

Keep your party simple yet sophisticated by incorporating these elements in your party:

(1) Choose the 2-3 main school colors from the school you're graduating from to incorporate in all of your decor. For example use the solid colors of your school as color choices for linen on the tables.
(2) Rent a couple of round tables to have in your backyard for people to sit at. I would suggest round tables to seat 6-8 with white rosen chairs (classy looking).
(3) Be sure to have a separate rectangular table to display YOU.

Have Grad photos, your graduation stole, grad cap, various rewards, and pictures on the table. Tie some balloons at the end of the tables to make it stand out as a focal point to the party.
(3) GET YOUR FOOD CATERED. Local grocery stores have great deals on sandwiches, meats, fruit platters, vege platters, and desserts.
(4) Say NO to cheap decorations from Party stores.

Stick to incorporating your school colors with minimal balloons, streamers, table confetti, and plates and napkins.
(5) Make sure you have music playing...Pandora is always a safe route if you have a mixed crowd coming.


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