June 7, 2011

Recipe of the Day

S'mores don't only have to be at your camping trips. At your next cocktail party bring out S'MORES MARTINIS! Using the same classic ingredients as your tasty treats at the campfire, these drinks will have your guests' saying "I want some more!"

S'mores Martini Recipe:

-32 oz. vanilla vodka
-16 oz. white chocolate liqueur
-64-oz. pitcher
-1 graham cracker
-Plastic bag
-Small bowl
-1 jar marshmallow creme
-Martini glasses
-1 bag of marshmallows (any size)

To Make:

* Pour the vodka and white chocolate liqueur into the pitcher and stir. Refrigerate several hours until the mixture is cold.
* Crush the graham cracker in a plastic bag, then pour the crumbs into a small bowl.
* Rub marshmallow creme around the rims of the martini glasses to lightly coat.
* Dip each martini glass into the bowl of graham cracker crumbs until the marshmallow creme is covered with crumbs.
* Pour about 3 oz. of the drink mixture into each of the prepared martini glasses and serve.

Recipe by: Group Recipes

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