July 28, 2014

Dîner en Blanc - Portland Fun!

This weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying Dîner en Blanc - Portland and it was a blast! My significant other and I decided to make the trek from Seattle to Portland to participate and it was well worth the drive. In case you're wondering what Dîner en Blanc is, it is basically a group of random people coming together in a secret location dressed in all white to dine, sip, and dance the evening away. Starting in France 25 years, this fun way to have an exclusive dinner has spread across the world. Click here for more details on this super fun event. I always love documenting fun events with pictures and video (a lesson in Karen's Basic Fundamentals of planning a party) so I created this fun, short video to share in our experience. Check it out and be sure to participate in Dîner en Blanc in a city near you! 

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