July 10, 2014

Karen's Wedding Guide: Should He Come To the Bridal Shower

The answer is: YES! Now, I have been to my fair share of bridal showers and for the ones that didn't have their hubby-to-be present, a lot of things went through my mind. Weddings already have the stigma that they're more "for the bride" than the groom so not having your fiancé at the bridal shower sends a message that this is all about you. It should be "All About Us". Now, I know that bridal showers tend to be more fancy or cutesy than a typical man's taste, so include your groom-to-be at a part of the event. Example: Ask him to show up during the time where you will be opening up gifts. After all, the gifts will be used by the BOTH of you. This also makes for a cute couples photo op! Or, ask him to periodically walk through the event and greet guests. Often times, the bridal shower might be the only other time that your guests can meet your fiancé if they haven't met him already before the wedding. This is a great time for mingling and allowing your guests to see why you and your fiancé love each other so much.

At the end of the day, you're not marrying yourself; your fiancé should be present at all wedding functions (if he can) until the Big Day! Whether or not you think he wants to be there should be out of your mind because your hubby-to-be will want to do anything to make you happy.


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