December 6, 2012

Holiday Theme Party: Wine Elephant

Every year my friends and I have a Friendship Holiday Party where instead of buying each other gifts, we pick a theme for one big party. A couple of years ago I decided to do a spin off of the popular holiday party theme, "White Elephant" and suggested we have a "Wine Elephant" friendship holiday party. For those not familiar with White Elephant, white elephant is when you bring a gift, usually under a certain dollar amount, wrap it up, and bring it to the party. Everyone chooses a number out of a jar or hat and that number symbolizes your turn for choosing a gift from the bunch of gifts each person brought. Person number one will look around at all the gifts and choose a random one. Unless some other number wants to steal the gift from them, that will be their gift they will take home. Person number two can choose to steal person number one's gift they just opened, or choose from the plethora of unopened gifts. The best number to have is the last number because you can choose from the other people's gifts. You can add your own rules to the game, but I usually say one gift can only be stolen twice before it is that person's permanent gift.

With Wine Elephant, you must bring a bottle of wine as your gift! See below for some of my absolute favorite wines! {I love my wine sweet}

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