January 16, 2012

How To Decorate a Birthday Dinner: Red, Purple, & Black theme

I am a huge advocate in basing the decorations for your party off of main colors you choose to represent your party be it in conjunction with the theme or tone of the party. It really helps to piece the food and decor together when you have main colors to work off of.

Earlier this month my friend asked me to decorate for her mother-in-laws birthday dinner. I was happy for the opportunity and asked for one piece of information, "What three colors would you like me to work with?" My friend said, "Red, black, & purple". RED, BLACK, & PURPLE it shall be!

Now, birthday dinners in a public restaurant can often be hard to do because you have to go in ready to quickly decorate since most of the time, restaurants will only let you come in a couple minutes before your set reservation (unless it is a private dining area, in which case the earlier you set up the better)! With that in mind, I had to think "BASIC yet BOOM!". "Basic yet Boom" means, something easy to set up, yet stands out. With that being said, I chose to incorporate a burlesque theme with the colors by using masks, feathers, balloons, crystals, and cute centerpieces.

To make the long table set-up look small and intimate I used table cloth that matched the theme colors along with balloons tied to each chair. What a way to draw the best attention to the party too!

Note: It is always best to have extra hands to speed up the decor process so make sure you have someone there to help. Moreover, be sure to let the restaurant know that you will be decorating your dinner table so that they have the tables cleared and not set (this caused a bit of a delay for us because the servers and host had to clear the table they had just set for us! Eek!)

All in all, dinner parties are fun and easy to set up as long as you know what direction you'll be taking with the decor. The key things to remember are main colors and the "Basic yet Boom" approach.

Signed, sealed, & delivered!

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