December 29, 2011

Capture the Moment: Videographer

In one of my lessons I preach "Capture the Moment". Besides snapping photographs, one of the best ways to capture the moment at your event is to have a videographer. The first time I witnessed the benefits of a videographer was at my friend's wedding, Party of the Month: Wedding by Mindy Weiss pt.2 , where the videographers gave out a DVD of the wedding and it was simply amazing. I have found yet another great company, Mew Films Video , to help you capture the moment at your next event.

Jason + Garyfalia: Wedding Highlight from mew films on Vimeo.

My favorite thing about Mew Films Video is how they focus purely on the beauty of the event. The love, the laughter, the friendship, and bond of family are portrayed in each film that they create. Check them out when thinking of filming your next special event!

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