July 20, 2011

Party of the Month: Wedding by Mindy Weiss pt.2

In 'Party of the Month: Wedding by Mindy Weiss pt.1' I showed you the amazing wedding invites, welcome gifts, and wedding ceremony decor, but that was just half of the detail Mindy Weiss and her team did to make this a wedding to go down in history of FABULOUSNESS!.

Cocktail Hour

While the Bride & Groom soaked up officially being Mr. & Mrs., the upper area of the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire hotel was opened to us guests as a cocktail reception area while they transformed the wedding ceremony room into the main celebration room.

The area was setup to look like a classy lounge with the lighting shining the main color of the wedding: lavender. Couture white couches, flower and candlelight center pieces, and the bar setup right in the middle of the room added to the decor.

The bar even had a featured martini: Cotton Candy! MMmmm!

Grand Ballroom: Main Event Celebration

As if everything else did not blow me away, the main event opens up to the guests which is back in the Grand Ballroom where the original wedding ceremony was held.

Mindy Weiss and her team made me feel as though I had stepped into what I would call "Fantasy...couture...princess land", aka Wonderlust! From the white trees engulfed with white flowers and crystals to the couture tableware, this wedding became more than fabulous!

Flowers are ALWAYS my favorite form of a table centerpiece! Can you count how many flowers are in this centerpiece?

Of course, what is a wedding without cake? How about 2?

Having a live band was a flavor of sound I loved because it activated one of the five senses I introduced as very important in my Basic Fundamentals of Planning a Party: hearing.

Parting Gifts

Parting is such sweet sorrow...no seriously, it was VERY SWEET! As guests decided to call it a night and leave the party, they were 'farewelled' with this candy bar!

and candles to take home that read "..a perfect match"...Gotta love it!

My favorite parting gift of all came the next day at the Brunch the Bride & Groom held. True to Mindy Weiss "attention-to-detail" fashion, a DVD of the wedding was already cut and mastered ready to give each guest...WOW!

All in all, I felt honored and privileged to be attending my friend's wedding. It really was one for the books and it is no wonder Mindy Weiss is so highly sought after. When thinking of planning your wedding, consider using her!

Now it's time to plan my wedding...for 2024 ;-)

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