October 18, 2011

DIY Halloween Haunted House!

It's the most spooky time of the year, so partake in the scary fun of Halloween by hosting your own Halloween Haunted House. I for one am all about going ALL OUT, and what better way than turning your own house into a Haunted House?!

In one of my blog entries, "Props Till You Drop", I talked about how using props can really enhance a party and activate an important sense: sight. Thus, at your Halloween Haunted House props are a MUST. The best way to search for unique Halloween props is to try and locate props stores near your city or online.

Here are a few links to some Halloween prop sites I found courtesy of Bueno:

1) The Horror Dome

2) The Nightmare Factory

3) Haunted House Supplies

4) Find A Haunted House In Your Area

5) Haunted Ventures Special FX

6) Special FX Supplies

7) Fog Machines For Indoor and Outdoor

8) Buyout Costumes: Shop of Horrors


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