June 4, 2011

A Midnight in Paris

How cute would a Paris themed party be?! Here are a couple of things I would include at 'A Midnight in Paris' party I would host:


-My three main colors for the party would be pink, cream, and black.
Picture taken from: Tastefully Entertaining

-Mini Eiffel Towers

-Adhesive Eifle tower/Paris inspired wall stickers
Picture taken from: Wall For All Decals

-Wicker baskets filled with a loaf of french bread, hydrangeas, grapes and a bottle of vino. This would be placed as a centerpiece on each table.

-Pearl necklaces dangling from tables, chairs, etc.

Picture taken from Saddle Worth Shindigs

-Fabric Pom Poms (DIY from Wedding Tulle)

-White Teapot Set

-Striped table cloth(cream&pink)

-White block letters that spell out 'LOVE' 'A MIDNIGHT IN PARIS'
Photo taken from: Vintage Amethyst

-Poems written on distressed paper hanging on rope and clothespins

Materials can be purchased at Michaels

-Hershey Kisses
-French bread
-Croissant sandwiches
-Cream puffs
-A selection of cheeses
-Fresh fruit
-Coffee/tea/sparkling pink lemonade/hot chocolate
Food can be purchased at Costco!


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